New Lifting Equipment

Shai Magen is an exclusive importer of leading European brands including MERLO – Telehandlers, AIRO – Boom Lifts, Niftylift – Scissor Lifts and Mini Cranes, Maeda – Mini Cranes and Glass handling Robots.

In addition, the company distributes complementary equipment for outdoor work, including compressors and lighting towers.


MERLO is a worldwide leading premium brand. ROTO and Fix Frame telehandlers – innovative and advanced tools. Compact and cost-effective tools, lightweight with a stronger stability!

Boom Lifts

Niftylift is a British manufacturer of the world leading boom lifts, characterized by technological innovativeness and strong emphasis on safety. A variety of hybrid and electric tools suitable for outdoors and indoors, lightweight with narrow structure design, reaching exceptional working height relative to their weight.

Scissor Lifts

AIRO is a leading Italian manufacturer of lifting platforms. A variety of models characterized by creative and unique technological solutions, with emphasis on the strength and the safety of the lift platforms.

Additional Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment with special features such as lightweight and compact dimensions, overcoming the challenges of lifting a person or equipment in sites with limited access due to various reasons.

Mini Cranes

MAEDA is the world’s leading Japanese manufacturer of mini cranes. A comprehensive line of compact cranes for working in crowded sites or with limited access, while keeping maneuverability and flexibility of the tools. The crane is narrow enough to enter a standard house doorway and with lifting capacity for heavy loads.

Vacuum Lifting Robot

GMV is a Danish manufacturer specializing in development and manufacture of lifting tools for the construction industry and the general industry. The company provides solutions for vacuum lifting at different classes of weights and heights, including a glass carrying robot and a vacuum device for hanging on a truck crane or on a mini crane.

Air Compressors

ROTAIR compressors – variety of models 
Air flow range of 71-900CFM
and with working pressure of 7-15BAR.

Lighting Towers

LUXTOWER is an Italian manufacturer of lighting towers in a variety of LED sizes with very high lighting intensity, diesel alternator and low diesel consumption.

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