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Shai Magen is an exclusive importer and distributer of professional lifting tools from leading European brands.

A diverse fleet of lifting tools for rental, also for a short-term rental, even a few days.

Locate lifting equipment of leading brands and in various specifications, in Israel and import from all over the world.

Shai Magen Company

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Shai Magen Lifting Equipment – A leading company and specializing, for over 25 years, in the field of professional lifting equipment.

We are a one-stop shop company, offering the largest range of lifting equipment solutions in Israel for any need – through purchase, rental and operation of the equipment.

The company provides service through: two activity centers – the main is located in Haifa Bay and the second in Rishon LeZion, nationwide service centers and mobile service units.

Shai Magen owns a diverse fleet of lifting equipment, containing hundreds of advanced tools in various types, through which it provides the whole range of lifting solutions for rental. Including exceptional working platforms, cargo lift or human lift, including the option of renting a tool with a professional operator. The company has available equipment for a short-term rental, even a few days.



Shai Magen is an exclusive importer of international brands:

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